2012 – Am I bothered?

2012 has been a time of controversy for thousand of years. Now it’s just around the corner! Most people say it won’t be the end of the world, rather a time of great change. The world economic crisis, President Obama, global warming – is this the water that’s starting to leak out of the cracks in the dam? The more I research into the issues the more intriguing it becomes.

2012 Earth’s Polar Reversal

2012 is a significant year from an historical and astronomical perspective. According to astronomers the Poles of our Sun will reverse towards the end of 2012.  Under the right conditions this could have a serious knock-on effect on Earth.  A sudden twist in the orientation of the Sun’s poles could also reverse the Earth’s poles as well.

A demonstration to show the effects of Sun’s Polar reversal in 2012.

A simple experiment to demonstrate the effect of the Sun’s Polar reversal in 2012 is to attach a string to one side of a rotating gyroscope and spin it around your head.  After the gyroscope is rotating steadily around your head twist the string between your fingers.  The torsional force of the twisted string will be transmitted along its length and will persuade the gyroscope to twist as well.  In simple terms this is the same effect that reversing the magnetic Poles of the Sun will have on the polar orientation of the Earth.

The Earth will be particularly susceptible to this torsional force from the gravitational field of the Sun in 2012.  The strength of the magnetic field around the earth has been waning for several thousand years and the ability of the Earth to sustain its polar orientation has been weakening proportionately.

Magnetised Ball of Molten Metal

The Earth is like a giant molten iron ball spinning through space, creating a strong electromagnetic field around it.  The magma tides of molten iron are continually shifting within the Earth causing fluctuations in its magnetic field.  Like a free-floating gyroscope, it can be persuaded to flip sides.  In fact there are two forms of polar flip.  The first is simply a change in the orientation of the Poles i.e. the North Pole would move to the south and vice-versa. The second is when the Poles reverse and the entire planet flips over at the same time.

In the first type of polar reversal that may occur in 2012, the effects on the environment would be serious, but manageable.  The ocean currents would reverse, ice-caps melt, and winds and precipitation levels alter drastically.  However, if the second type of polar reversal were to occur in 2012, i.e. the entire the planet flips over as well as the Poles, there would be additional energy shifts causing tectonic plates to move.  This would result in devastating earthquakes and considerable volcanic activity.   The impact to Earth would be similar to a major meteorite impact, causing mass extinctions of species that marked the end of the age of the dinosaurs.

The stability of the Earth’s rotation is especially vulnerable since it already spins at an angle of over twenty-three degrees off centre, and has a lopsided distribution of weight across its surface. The concentration of weight lies mostly along the major land masses of the Americas, Europe and Africa. On the other side of the Earth is the Pacific Ocean, which is Earth’s greatest water mass and much less dense.  This uneven weight distribution compounds the stability issue of the Earth.  The uneven distribution of weight has been further exacerbated by global warming.  The poles have been melting and adding water to the oceans.

Gravitational influence of heavenly bodies in 2012

The Earth is also subjected to gravitational influences from its neighbours the Moon and planets such as Venus, Mercury and Mars.   In June 2012 Venus will transit the sun and thus be aligned with the Earth. At this time also the moon will be full.

Additionally galactic alignment will occur in 2012; the sun will be aligned to the ecliptic plane of the Milky Way.  This means that it will be directly aligned to the gravitational field of the super-massive black hole at the centre of our Galaxy.

The mass of the Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy is in the order of 105 and 1010 solar masses.  These are known as super-massive Black Holes and lie at the centre of most galaxies. Super-massive Black Holes spin at an incredibly fast rate. As a result the gravitational field becomes compressed into a ‘pancake’ shape.  The gravitational field is compressed into the plane of the ecliptic of the spin of the Black Hole.  This is the reason why galaxies in general have a round flat spinning Catherine Wheel shape – the orbiting stars are forced into the ecliptic plane.

As the stars move around their galactic orbit they travel in a sinusoidal motion, crossing the plane of the ecliptic, where the gravitation influence of the super-massive Black Hole is strongest, when the y-axis of sinusoidal curve reaches zero.

Our solar system is now on the verge of crossing the Milky Way’s plane of the ecliptic. It will cross in the year 2012.  At this point the gravitational influence of the super-massive Black Hole will be at its maximum.

Some scientists theorise that the effects are already starting to be felt. It is evidenced by the sudden rise in the frequency and ferocity of hurricanes, storms and earth quakes/tsunamis around the world.  The consequences on Earth’s weather by the increasing gravitational influence of the Milky Way will reach a crescendo in 2012.

The Sun entered into Cycle 24 in 2008.  It will reach its zenith in 2012 which will signal significant Sun Spot activity and massive solar flares.  The bombardment of the Earth by the solar wind will reach a peak at this time. This will coincide with the sudden reversal of the Sun’s magnetic poles.

The accumulation of all these forces in 2012 will dramatically increase the probability of polar reversal on Earth, which may be accompanied by the complete north-south rotation of the entire planet.

The last polar reversal occurred around 750,000 years ago, but it can happen at shorter intervals, depending on prevailing circumstances.  Many scientists including Einstein have predicted that another polar shift is close at hand.  Several ancient civilisations have left records predicting global devastation and change.  The Hopi Indian and Mayan calendars have predicted global devastation and an era of change starting in the year 2012.

AD 2012: Predictions by Ancient Civilisations

Why ancient civilisations understood and were able to predict devastation and its consequences starting in 2012 is unknown.  Whether it was their mathematical and astronomical knowledge combined with their Remote Visioning ability, Telepathic powers, Clairvoyance, sensitivity to Earth Energies etc. we cannot say at this time.  The Mayans, the Egyptian empire and Hopi Indians are among those in recorded history that predicted a new era commencing in 2012 and warned us of its coming, but there is evidence that civilisations of pre-recorded history also understood this as well.  Megalithic monuments found across Europe show surprising awareness of these 2012 phenomena.

We do know that the ancients made an enormous amount of effort to counter and dampen the forces that would cause the devastation starting in 2012.  We can see this in the millions of man-hours they spent in the construction of precisely aligned stone structures they built.   Stone, especially those with high quartz content are good conductors of electromagnetic energy.  As the Moon, planets and the Earth orbit around the sun huge amounts of energy is transferred from these stone structures into the magnetosphere.

The structures have been aligned to stand at the crossing points or nodes of Earth Energy Grids.  Over thousands of years this has had the effect of dampening the rate of fluctuation of the Earth’s magnetic field by injecting geomagnetic energy that came from the solar wind back into the magnetosphere.  The overall effect is more stability in Earth’s magnetic field and ultimately global climate.

The Egyptian and Mayan pyramids function in this way and so do the Megalithic monuments of the Neolithic period. The stones act as amplifiers for natural energy currents within the earth. To be precise, spiral amplification, as the molecular structure of quartz within the stones is spiral. With a gauss meter one can measure how single Menhirs are polarised in relation to the ground around them. In stone circles they are polarised in relation to each other, two to three times the normal values. To augment the amplification, stones were placed at points where two or more underground streams crossed. Water moving through an underground tunnel creates an electric charge and is stronger where two streams cross. So, even though the forces exerted by each stone and stone circle are small, placing many thousands of them across the whole of Europe over thousands of years strengthens the Earth’s magnetic field, which has been steadily weakening over thousands of years. Potentially this stabilisation effect can help the Earth weather out periods of instability like the one we will experience in 2012.  It is important for mankind to not only maintain the stone architecture of the ancients, they must follow in their footsteps, understand their science, then build more structures to further stabilise the world and counter effects such as those that will occur in 2012.

Le Menhir de Champ-Dolent, photographed by Gilbert Le Cossec using the Epiphanie technique.  The 10 meter granite menhir builds up resonant electromagnetic energy then releases it up into the magnetosphere.

Dr. Dee J. Nelson Kirlian photograph of energy spiralling out of the top of a Pyramid using a Tesla Coil

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  1. RYErnest says:

    Nice post u have here :D Added to my RSS reader

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  3. sonya says:

    I am wondering why you do not mention the fact the the sun’s poles reversed in 2001 and do every 11 years? This would seem a significant indicator (noting that nothing catastrophic happened then) that the shifting poles will not cause major disruption in the future. Did I miss something?
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment. Its true the Sun’s poles reverse fairly often. I just mentioned this for 2012 because it happened to coincide with the potential polar reversal on Earth.

  4. I always was concerned in this topic and still am, regards for putting up.

  5. Very interesting details you have observed, thank you for posting.

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