Kent Dowsers Boxley Field Trip 21st March 2009

In a continuing series of field trips investigating the North Kent Ley, the Kent Dowsers organised a dowsing field trip to Boxley Church, north of Maidstone on Saturday 21st of March.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day and the Earth energies were very active.

There are nine sacred sites identified so far along this line with a number of others in very close proximity.   The line which is the 59th parallel on the UK Ordinance Survey maps lies on the 51⁰10’06″N parallel.  Located on the gentle southern slopes of the North Downs, Boxley Church, which is dedicated to St Mary and All Saints, is a lovely old building with sections dating back to Norman times.  Dowsing revealed that the original stone church was completed in 1150AD and prior to that was a wooden structure.  This date coincides well with the construction of the nearby Cistercian, Boxley Abbey which was founded in 1146 by William of Ipres.

As soon as we pulled out our dowsing rods in the processional pavement outside of the church gates they were profoundly drawn by a powerful Earth energy current travelling west-east.  We measured it to have a width of about five paces either side of the centre line or about 30 feet in width.   It travelled in a low amplitude sinusoidal wave through the middle of the church gate, down the walkway of the church and boldly through the dog-toothed Norman arch door into the Narthex.  It was an exhilarating experience, the current was very distinct, easy to follow and the Kent dowsers were free to roam through the beautiful church.  One had the distinct impression that the various versions of the church over the centuries were all build around the Earth energy lines passing through the land. Using a pendulum with the Mager Rosette revealed that the west-east energy line possessed green and purple colours and travelled towards the west.

The energy line travelled under the bell tower and through into the nave.  It travelled relentlessly up to the Chancel where it started to waver and change direction and circle around the Altar; the energy was forming a large spiral.   A check outside of the southern Transept of the church confirmed that a perpendicular, north-south Earth energy line was entering the church and intersecting the west-east line between the Altar and the Chancel.  The intersection was causing the powerful spiral to be formed.

Bird’s eye view of Boxley Church with Earth energy lines superimposed

Standing at the centre of the spiral evoked a peaceful and evocative feeling of well being and we could appreciate that this spot was well chosen for heightened spiritual experiences.  It was a joy to sense that the interior of the church was free of any negative or noxious energy and that the powerful spiral vortex of energy at the crossover point of the energy lines in front of the alter possessed a very positive quality.  Another interesting discovery was a well under the bell tower.

King’s head (probably Edward II) and Bishop (probably Haima de Hiltha) sculpted at entrance to church beneath the bell tower

Back in the sunlight, dowsing the surrounding cemetery, we were astounded to discover that the potency of the energy spiral continued beyond the walls of the church surrounding the Altar.  It was easy to dowse the spiral several yards from the exterior walls.

After further measurements of the spiral vortex from the exterior of the church, it was concluded that it moved in an anticlockwise direction.  This also supported the feminine quality of the energy and the church being dedicated to St Mary. Interestingly though, some people also detected clockwise spirals within the church.   This perhaps indicates a balance in the vortex of the various levels of energy on this crossing point, contributing to the overall sense of harmony. The Mager Rosette showed that the energy within the spiral to have purple and white colours.

We detected some negative energy lines in the graveyard, travelling southwest – northeast, indicating certain levels geopathic stress.  This was evidenced by a large beech tree growing over the line by a stone wall which had rotted and appeared in poor health.  A neighbouring beech tree was in good health and had a long branch drawn down to the ground where it touched a blind spring of sweet water.  In addition we dowsed the age of the two mature yew trees at the western end of the church near the gate that were apparently 726 years old.

The east-west energy line came from the east up through the long cemetery following close to the footpath before entering the eastern end of the church behind the Altar.   The north-south Earth energy line descended from the wooded scarp on the North Downs, through the church between the Chancel and Alter and then continued south out of the Transept.

We followed the west-east energy line westwards along the middle processional pavement, across the road and then it invitingly entered the middle of the entrance door of the King’s Arms.  It led us right up to the bar where we were able to order refreshments and lunch.  A similar procession undoubtedly made numerous times by congregation and clergy alike over many centuries.


  • The Church of Saint Mary and All Saints Boxley, A Short Guide by Sir John Best-Shaw
  • The North Kent Ley taken from an original map by Mr Lovegrove
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    Thanks for your comment – shortly I’m putting out an article/video about All Saints’ Church, Tudeley, Kent, which includes the mysterious energies around the famous Marc Chagall stained glass windows and Labyrinth…

  6. Lucy Best-Shaw says:

    This was very interesting.

    I sang in the choir at this church for over 10 years (1968 – 1979). We sat within the energy spiral at least twice a week. What effects, if any, might this have on one?

    PS. I think it might have been my grandfather who you have referenced.

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