Alaise the ancient Prime Meridian

The small town of Alaise situated in the heart of the Jura Mountains in south-west France was used as the Prime Meridian in the ancient world…

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  1. Pi says:


    I saw your comment on my site re more info on the

    50 degree angle. What I have come up with since

    then is .

    I hope this helps. Thx for your comment. Pi

  2. Pi says:


    One more thing… Alaise is at latitude 47.02 N. I have
    done research into the number 47. Make it 47/2 and
    you have 23.5. The number of the arcadian paintings
    of Poussin.

    Further, in the Bible Isaiah 47:2 discusses The Lament
    of Babylon. Alaise is linked to the Babylonian mystery
    schools and the Merovingian bloodline. *** Pi says bye

  3. admin says:

    Hi Pi, Thanks for the feedback. Some fine thoughts here. Interesting that further south from Mull at Hurlers the 50 degrees azimuth configuration is probably more accurate. This may be what Daniel Gumb was trying to show with his Pythagorean squares i.e. plotting the rise of the midsummer Sun along St Michael & St Mary’s Axes. But how it coincides with the crossing of the 9th radial Axis of Alaise still remains a mystery. It would be 50 degrees + 50 degrees. I’ll have a think on that one.

    Interesting what you point out about 47 degrees North for Alaise. I walked around the Alaise area quite a bit with my GPS and found that the a point that lies almost exactly 47 degrees North is a cromlech containing ancient tumuli in the middle of a forest on a hill called Le Fory. It’s just south of Alaise, walking distance. Jiro

  4. ok says:

    good site suqtri

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