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During a field trip to prehistoric stone sites in Brittany, France, a young pregnant student disappears.
Her professor, Kiernan de Molay teams up with French investigative journalist Antonia Vargas, and the legendary Count St. Germain, to find the girl. The plot thickens. They discover the kidnapping is linked to a bizarre cult, which is corrupting geomagnetic energy at sacred sites around Europe, in an attempt to affect catastrophic changes around the globe – which will give them complete world power…

Kent Dowsers All Saints Church, Tudeley Field Trip 20th May, 2009

The artistic spirit of Marc Chagall and Prayer Labyrinth:  As soon as we entered the churchyard and building in the bright May evening sunshine we were all pleasantly surprised by the gentle dancing energies that weaved and spiralled everywhere. It … Continue reading

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Kent Dowsers Boxley Field Trip 21st March 2009

In a continuing series of field trips investigating the North Kent Ley, the Kent Dowsers organised a dowsing field trip to Boxley Church, north of Maidstone on Saturday 21st of March.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day and the … Continue reading

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St Michael & St Mary Alignment

St Michael & St Mary Alignment If you are given a ruler and a map of the United Kingdom and asked to draw the longest line possible on it that only traverses land, you will end up with a line … Continue reading

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2012 – Am I bothered?

2012 has been a time of controversy for thousand of years. Now it’s just around the corner! Most people say it won’t be the end of the world, rather a time of great change. The world economic crisis, President Obama, … Continue reading

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The birth of Jesus Christ

Was Jesus Christ born in a specially designed tunnelled cairn within the Community of Essenses in Qumran? Was his birth a reincarnation of one of the Watchers as described in the Book of Enoch?

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Alaise the ancient Prime Meridian

The small town of Alaise situated in the heart of the Jura Mountains in south-west France was used as the Prime Meridian in the ancient world…

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The life of Count de St Germain

Count Etienne St. Germain (Le Comte de St. Germain) is one of the most enigmatic characters in history, known as an adventurer and courtier, musician and composer, writer and alchemist. He accumulated great wealth and lived in considerable grandeur, although … Continue reading

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