Earth Energies, Megalithic Stone Architectures and esoteric sciences are fascinating and mysterious subjects to explore. Only this century are we starting to appreciate the impact the ancient knowledge still has on us. Read my novel Dolmen then share in the exciting investigations that I have carried out. 2012, Dowsing, Menhir, Count St Germain, Sacred Stones, Mystery Thriller, Metaphysical Thriller, Gavrinis, Newgrange, Cairn, Brittany
An island off Southern Brittany coast, France, where the famous Megalithic Cairn of Gavrinis is found, Largest and most famous Irish Megalithic Cairn, one of group of Cairns in Boyne Valley
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St Michael Alignment
Stone skeleton of Megalithic burial chamber, aligned to Earth Energy lines and astro-geometry
Megalithic Stone architecture that influenced art, science and religion of pre-recorded historical epoch
Megalithic stone tomb aligned to Earth Energies and astro-geometry, Region of Western France between Bay of Biscay and English Channel famous for Megalithic sites, Culture dating back to pre-recorded history that constructed structures out of giant stones
Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic energy forming distinctive patterns around the Earth
Year when poles of the sun will reverse and ancient calendars forecast global devastation
Exploiting body’s sensitivity to Earth Energies with rods or pendulums to find hidden objects or water
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Megalithic standing stone strategically aligned to Earth Energy lines and/or astro-geometry, Enigmatic character in history, wealthy adventurer and alchemist able to reincarnate himself, Megalithic Stone architecture that influenced art, science and religion of pre-recorded historical epoch

St Michael Alignment

Figure 1 the loss of Angel Lucifer's Third Eye during his fall from heaven

If you are given a ruler and a map of the United Kingdom and asked to draw the longest line possible on it that only traverses land, you will end up with a line that stretches from the tip of Lands End in Cornwall to a place near the town of Hopton on the Norfolk coast. Coincidentally this also happens to be the exact axis along which the May Day sun rises over Britain. This line has some very intriguing properties and has profoundly influenced the lives of people living in the British Isles for many thousands of years. The line is known as the St Michael and St Mary Alignments. By drawing together legends, folklore,

historical facts and science, a fascinating picture of the influence the St Michael and St Mary Alignment has on life may be found.

Legends & Folklore

Legends and folklore often hold essential truths, and it is said that when the Angel Lucifer fell from heaven a great emerald dropped from his forehead. This signalled that humanity would increasingly suffer a loss of vision in the Third Eye, the Brow Chakra.

Lucifer’s Third Eye hit the earth causing a rip in the space-time continuum. It may be called a rip in the fabric that separates time and space or the third and forth dimensions if you will. Although the rip has healed over the millennia, minute amounts of energy, inconsistent with our present world, still leak from it. One of the scars from the rip I referred to is the St Michael & St Mary Alignment and I will show how its existence has influenced history. St Michael, often referred to as the saint of high places, exists in equilibrium with the St Mary Ley, which manifests water sites and holy wells throughout its journey across England. In Chinese feng shui this formation is known as lung mei or dragon's breath.

Lucifer’s Third Eye falling to the Earth is thought to mark the beginning of mankind’s enlightenment. The universal program of mankind is designed to live in dynamic equilibrium of opposing forces: chaos-order, good–evil, love–hate, war–peace. Originally when there was only pure good, i.e. before Lucifer made his descent, the earth and mankind did not evolve. Hence the expression: 'Unless you have chaos inside you, you cannot give birth to a dancing star'. Humans would never have been able to become freely creative, brave or loving if they had not been able to make mistakes, to see and believe things to be other than they are. The evil Lucifer gave man was a necessary part of his development. The apple Lucifer offered Eve was wisdom and the power of reflection.

Environmental Influences on the Cell and Geology

Figure 2 Head of demon depicting Brow Chakra on holy font at Lostwithiel Church, a major crossing point of the St Michael & St Mary Alignments

Geological survey maps have confirmed that many fault lines do run beneath the Michael & Mary Alignments and the traces of radiation emitted from them influences people’s minds. Over the millennia people have associated the energy with mystical experiences. This explains the number of religious monuments along the alignments, dating back prior to the megalithic period.
The alignments are often referred to as manifestations of mystical snakes or dragons. The emission of the energy travels in a sinusoidal wave form and ancients who first
detected it thought they were snakes or dragons. The two are intertwined, a little like the two serpents on the Caduceus, the

insignia for the medical profession. St Mary is the earth or ground of the energy and the energy emitted from the high places of St Michael is grounded back to earth through underground streams and holy wells, flowing through the fault lines.

Long exposure to the energy emanating from the alignments has a physical effect on the body, especially during times of peak energy. Peak flows of energy occur at the summer and winter solstices as well as May Day on the St Michael and St Mary Alignments. These levels of energy become even more intense, during high sunspot activity coinciding with the solar cycles, as well as the alignments of the moon and inner planets.

By chance or design some people, due to their proximity to the alignments, are more influenced by its energies. Perhaps in the distant past this was planned for spiritual leaders, like druidic priests – key occurrences of their lives such as conception, birth and spiritual initiation occurred at strategic locations along the alignments, such as Avebury, during times of peak energy activity. For them, their body’s cells are exposed to a maximum level of energy. The very liquid crystal structure of billions of cells within their bodies resonates with the energy emanating from the fault lines. The energy from the Earth rises up through the body along the spiralling Kundalini and influences the Chakra points. The most obvious change is the development of the pineal gland. Spiritualists call this the development of their Brow Chakra or Third Eye. These people are often powerful clairvoyants.

Holy Wells.

Many underground streams of pure Earth water run deep beneath the surface along the fault lines. At certain points these underground streams break through the top soil and have been turned into wells. Pure water molecules have an enormous capacity to hold and maintain geomagnetic energy in its unadulterated state. These sources are known as holy wells, because the energy from the St Michael and St Mary Alignments, captured within the water molecules have healing properties.


Figure 3 Antique etching of Menacuddle Holy Well

The Celts used to celebrate the Beltane Fire festival along the St Michael and St Mary Alignment. Since the dawn of the Megalithic era in Britain the St Michael and St Mary Alignment has seen the placement of numerous sacred stone sites such as Avebury, Glastonbury and Cheese Ring. Subsequently Celtic Druids and early Christian geomancers built temples and churches near or on these sacred sites strategically aligned to the Earth energies and were dedicated to St Michael and St Mary or their equivalents prior to Christianity. It was only after the arrival to the Paulian Roman Church that these churches and Christian holy sites, such as Glastonbury Abbey were destroyed or brought into disrepute.

Sacred Engineering

Adepts of the megalithic cultures dating back over 7,000 years clearly understood the nature, form and potential of Earth energies. The ancients learnt to harness and manipulate this power, which included telluric currents, gravitational fields and electromagnetic radiation and used it for the benefit of the community. They created centres of learning at places of extraordinary power such as Glastonbury, Newgrange and Carnac and were able to decipher the fundamental nature of the universe and the relationships between the mind, body and spirit. This was achieved through their understanding of the Earth as a sentient being, mankind’s relationship to Mother Nature and their astonishing knowledge of mathematics, engineering, astronomy and geodesy.


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